AHWC’24 Welcome dinner

Our Welcome dinner will be in the heart of Budapest, in the exclusive Cyrano restaurant (recommended Michelin guide). 

We are thinking of everyone, everyone can find their favorite in the menu,
traditional Hungarian food, meat lovers, veggie or vegan also!

We meeting 11.06. Tuesday in the Cyrano Restaurant at 17:30

 17.30 -18.00 Registration /here you get Welcome pack, pass cards /

 18.00-20.00 dinner

After the dinner together walking on the Danube Promenade,
and we make an Afghan Team picture.

!!!And those who already know us, they  know that we always make some kind of surprise, so don’t  miss the  Welcome dinner program!!!!

Congress online registration: https://agarklub.hu/ahwc24-registration/
Cyrano Goat Cheese
grilled goat cheese on toasted brioche with honey and lavender
Chef Salad
fresh salad with exotic fruit and honey-mustard dressing
Pancakes filled sweet and sour cottage cheese
served with garlic tiger shrimps
Goulash soup (made with beef)
Indian carrot and corn soup
with wild rice and spice leaves( Vegan)
⭕️Main Courses:
Salmon Wellington
filled with spinach, goat cheese and hollandaise sauce around it
Roasted Duck Fillet
with mashed potatoes, smoked ham, layered cabbage casserole and paprika sour creme ( traditional Hungarian food)
Deer Goulash
with village style home made noodle and minced Deer sausage cream on the top ( traditional Hungarian food)
Fettuccine Alfrédo
slightly creamy fettuccine pasta with egg yolks, shaved Parmesan cheese and chopped parsley
Squash and Courgette Ragout
with Cheddar cheese soufflé ( Vegetarian)
Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream
Floating Island
vanilla cream special ( Traditional Hungarian food)
Cyrano lemon tart with lemon Ice cream
Traditional Jewish tart ( Vegan)
with walnut, apple, poppy seed, raisin, honey and orange
The menu price is 50€, is include Welcome drink, 3 courses, water, coffee, or tea