Hungarian LC Castle Derby CACIL/CSS,CACL,V4 Cup, Beauty & Performance ENG

HUNGARIAN COURSING DERBY, CACIL/CACL,V4 Cup, Beauty-Performance, points competition
(We will announce a Beauty-Performance winner based on the points of the Agár Klub Special CAC 17.09 and the coursing results)
Organiser: Agar Club
Place: Festetics Castle, Dég, Hunyadi János u. 11
GPS: 46,874538, 18,433545

Date: 23-24.09.2023.

Coursing info:

Online entry:

Entry deadline: Thursday 14.09.2023
Competition director: Szilárd Vida
Registration of dogs: from 7:30 to 8:30
Start time of coursing: 9 am
Coursing distance: whippet, Italian greyhound 500-600 meters, other sighthound breeds 800-900 meters
Terrain: flat, sandy, grassy
Coursing judges: Péter Dömény (SK), Anna Bednárová (CZ), Andrej Kerpan (SLO)
Breed schedule, daily programmes:
Saturday ( 23.09.)
Azawakh, Deerhound, Irish Wolfhound, Shloughi, Chart Polski, Italian Sighthound, Whippet and Group V.
Sunday (24.09)
Afghan Hound, Saluki, Borzoi, Greyhound, Galgo Espanol, Greyhound, Magyar Agar
The coursing competition is governed by the FCI International Competition Rules (the CACIL title is awarded on the basis of the CACIL licence book, the CACL title is awarded at the minimum ˝very good˝ CACIB or CAC show in Hungary, as provided for in the MEOESZ National Rules for Dog Racing and Coursing). The show result entitling to the CACL title, the photo of the CACIL licence book and the MEOESZ membership card must be attached to the entry form! (without this we are not able to issue the titles afterwards!)
Age limit: large sighthounds from 18 months, small sighthounds from 15 months of age can compete in CACIL competitions.
Organizing: for less than 2 participants a show race is guaranteed. For 2 or more participants a race is guaranteed. Bitch and male dogs compete in mixed classes regardless of the number of entries.
The title „Hungarian Coursing Derby Winner 2023” can be awarded to both Hungarian and foreign sighthounds. To be awarded the title (and the blanket), a minimum of 6 entries of the breed must be entered.
Only pre-entered licence runs are possible in the coursing competition!
Entry fees 40 € / sighthounds 1-3, from 4th sighthounds half price
(Agár Klub or MEOESz, Croatia Klub hrtova, Slovak coursing club for SDCZ members:
25€ / sighthounds 1-3, from 4th sighthounds half price)
Licence runs 10 € /sighthound 
Payment on the spot at registration or by bank transfer. Please enclose the transfer receipt with your registration:
Agár Klub Egyesület, 11742221-21450936 OTP Bank
Iban: HU36117422212145093600000000 OTP Bank SWIFT code: OTPVHUHB
Please write „C Derby, sighthound name” in the comment field.
By sending the entry form, the owner undertakes to pay the entry fee even if his sighthound does not start in the race. No on-site entries!
In the case of incomplete entries, no changes will be made to the titles subsequently!
The organisers reserve the right to change the judges and the breed classification.
During the race, sighthounds may only be on a leash in the area, except for those running in a race.
Only dogs with a valid rabies vaccination are allowed in the area.
Neither the organizer nor the contributors are liable for any injury or damage caused to the sighthound, its owner or contributors. They are also not responsible for loose sighthounds. The owner is not liable for any injuries caused by the sighthound to other sighthound during the race/coursing. In other cases the owner is fully liable for the sighthound and any damage caused by it.
By submitting the entry, the owner agrees that his/her details may be used by the Sighthound Club in association proceedings. He/she accepts the coursing course rules and regulations and is aware of the association rules and regulations and accepts them as binding.
The competition is organised by the Sighthound Club, so it has the right to restrict any activity to which it does not agree.
Attention! Participation in the event implies consent to the publication of the photographs and videos on the Internet or in the printed press. The photos and videos may also be used to promote the Agar Club.
If you take photos that you would like to sell later, or sell any products at the event, please let the management know in advance!
(Of course, there is nothing to stop you from taking photos of your own race and your own dog)
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Name of dog:
Sex: male – bitch
Date of birth:
Pedigree number:
Licence book number:
Date of birth:
Running for CACL title: yes – no
In which class: CACIL – CSS
CACIL title: yes – no
MEOESz/ Sighthound Club membership: yes – no
Beauty & Performance: yes – no